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Life is magical and also impermanent. In 2001 I took a giant leap of faith, followed inner guidance and relocated to the Big Island of Hawaii. For a shy reclusive artist this constituted absolutely stepping to the edge, yet I know that this is exactly where I need to be at this time in my life.

For the previous 25 years I made my home in the woodlands of northern Wisconsin with husband and son, hand built a beautiful log home and gardens, and little by little created a personal paradise in that beautiful forest.

Listening to the voices of nature helped me find my own artistic voice. The trees and animals, the water and rocks, sun and wind, moon and stars all speak clearly if we take time to listen. I seek to honor this connection by creating works of art that celebrate these experiences of nature's wisdom.

Living in a place with a vital Native American community helped me realize their connection to Mother Earth is also something that lives in my bones. This kindled exploration of indigenous cultures, both of the local Ojibway people, but also first peoples from around the planet.

I returned to a childhood fascination with the mystery of the Maya, people of Mexico and Guatemala. Several trips to the region, and exploration of Maya sacred sites deepened respect for that ever unfolding mystery.

An incredible journey to Nepal, including a transformational trek over an 18,000 foot pass in the Himalayas, demonstrated to me the power of spirit, both in my life and in the amazingly beautiful people of that ancient land. Namaste.

A visit to Peru and the ancient temples of Machu Picchu was yet another high point of my travel adventures just before I moved to Hawaii.

These travels instigated a study of shamanism. I have been blessed to work with native shaman from Peru, Paraguay and Ecuador as well as several modern shaman teacher/healers from this country.

These studies and additional exploration into metaphysical thought, yoga and Sacred Geometry have deepened the realization that we exist in a multi-dimensional reality and that we can access other dimensions in various ways.

I have also developed a love of Sacred Geometry that has become, in a sense, a pilgrimage. It is a vast and fascinating field of study. It has added another layer to the artmaking I have done before, and a piece of left brained information that has brought great excitement and balance into my life and constant inspiration to my artmaking. Creation of the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck was the culmination of years of study, many paintings and guidance from beyond this mere mortal. The new Sacred Geometry Deck for the Visionary Path expands the original vision and beautifully showcases my artmaking.

I live joyously near Honaunau on the slopes of Mauna Loa volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. I know that I was summoned by spirit to this incredibly activated pinnacle on the earth grid to be a part of birthing new consciousness. I honor that sacred responsibility. Exploration of the culture and beauty of this island paradise unfolds as daily wonder.

When I came to Hawaii I considered myself a non-swimmer yet have since become a "born again mermaid". Being in the ocean and swimming with her multitude of creatures, including the spinner dolphins and sea turtles has become an important part of personal wellness and one of the greatest joys I have experienced in this lifetime. I am immensely grateful to my mermaid "sistahs" who have helped me become comfortable in the ocean. I also have come to realize that this salty medium is the planetary superconductor and that as we "pray peace" and offer the vibration of universal love into the ocean it is quickly transmitted around the world. Imagine the possibilities.

Since I now feel that Hawaii is home, I am again able to stretch my wings and explore this magnificent planet. In 2006 I visited Cambodia where I was impressed and deeply moved by the ancient city of Angkor Watt and the beautiful resilient Cambodian people. A second journey took me to New Mexico, where my sister introduced me to her passion, Petraglyph, another ancient sacred tradition.

2007 was a busy year. Besides painting, gardening and swimming, I finished work on the Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path. I am very excited to have brought this second oracle into form and to share 64 of my paintings as part of the wisdom system.

In 2007 I also spent 11 weeks traveling in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. We moved quickly through surreal landscapes and wonders old and new. We visited 22 archeological/sacred sites including some wonderful less known sites such a Kuelap, Chavin and Caral as well as the biggies like Machu Picchu, Sacsayhuaman and Lake Titicaca. We also traveled to 2 remote jungle lodges and fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine to travel to the Amazon. On one of these trips my spirit guide, Jaguar, appeared to exponentially amplify the magic.

2008 brought an amazing six week journey to Egypt and Jordan. One cannot say enough about the wonders of Egypt and Petra, in Jordan, is one of my new favorite ancient sites.

This year finally found the Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path in print. I have been heartened by the excellent response to this major life effort.

2009…yes, still traveling and creating art. This journey was my first trip to Europe. I fell in love with the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and finally made it to the crop circles in England. There we had a magical experience in a brand new crop formation on the Summer Solstice.

2010 travel was to Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica where we experienced several of the Southernmost Maya ruins and had a second magical encounter with my Jaguar guide. How does one become so wonderfully fortunate as to see a Jaguar in the wild twice in a lifetime? Magic, gratitude and appreciation are my constant affirmations and blessed reality.

May 2011 I will be speaking at the Alchemyez Visionary Arts Congress here on Hawaii Island. This will be an epic event. http://alchemeyez.com/. Summer will find me in the Pacific Northwest. My sweetheart’s daughter is getting married in Portland and we will spend time exploring Oregon and Washington. Probably no jaguars here yet who will reveal themselves is yet to be revealed. Meanwhile I continue to follow what I know is my life’s purpose to bring visions into form through painting.

In 2012 travel was simply to Molokai. For most of the year I was engaged in the Water Consciousness Trilogy. It is the first time I have done a Trilogy and was an remarkable process working on three at once. It certainly expanded my creative mission and deepened my involvement with the magic that is water. “Water has an Information Receiving/Transmission function. The system of the universe exists as a single perfect organism bound together by huge streams of information. Water plays a key role in how information is exchanged.” from Water the Great Mystery.

2013 began with a move to Sweet Spirit farm directly above Honaunau. I believe I have come home to my “Ahupua`a” and truly happy to be living on what feels like sacred land. It has been a very full year yet as travel remains a passion there was a month long trip to the American South West with time spent exploring several of our gorgeous National Parks. Archeology, nature and sacred places are primary travel interests…It was grand to feel that everywhere on this journey.

All of these influences are evident in my paintings. It is my intention to honor the many gifts that life has provided through the visions I have been given. I am heartened to have my paintings and prints hang in the offices and sacred spaces of healers and seekers in far flung places. It honors me greatly to know that the passion and intention I put into my artmaking also touches their lives and serves as a catalyst for healing and transformation. I hold in esteem and offer gratitude to all of nature, my traveling companions, metaphysical teachers, dear friends, spirit guides and to those who have helped form my vision during this blessed lifetime.

It is with great humility from an ever opening heart space that I embrace this sacred journey. My intention remains to follow my passion and life path as an artist and to continue to create paintings that bring forth healing and transformation for myself and for the planet.



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